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We use Minoxidil for treatment of baldness. Women and men use it when have problems with androgenic alopecia (male pattern boldness). After 4 month of using 2 times a day of the drug we see the hair growth. It depends on different patients. If we don't take Minoxidil new hair growth stops. After 3-4 months restore the original appearance. The exact mechanism of action as Minoxidil is unknown. If we use it regularly Minoxidil has vasodilating action. The patients haven't side effects with different blood pressure when the take it in controlled clinical studies. An average of 1.4% (0.3 - 4.5%) of the total applied dose enters the systematic circulation if we use it on it on the skin. It determines by its rate of absorption through the skin. Minoxidil is excreted within 4 days.


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